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It was 2 years back when i was celebrating the end of my first english story..There was no intention to go with the second one but as thought come to the mind as if i couldn’t be able to concentrate on studies and i started disclosing my thoughts through writing..i didn’t want to keep that thoght as the 'untold story'..Nowadays people are busy in listening to the ordinary love story..But the harsh reality is that every single love story has its own painful chapter which i just tried to pen down

Chapter 9


Despite knowing the sufferance of her once i asked sharmila that how she could compel to file a case against her own husband has been living together over the years..then she replied me by saying that it was an unbearable pain he had been giving to me on every single was a kind of cruelty..i was just looking for a distance from this man..the day when he enjoyed my undressed body like a sexual commodity and pressurized me to have sex with him on that day i made myself understand that he couldn’t be my husband and it was i who trusted him blindly and had been giving him opportunity so that he could properly understand that what he is doing..But he had been deliberately hurting me from the very first night.. girls love towards her life partner doesn’t depend on a sexual intercourse rather it depends on a matter in which she finds a man to be very trusty and reliable but rahul has been violated all these and he cheated not only me but my holy soul also..She wiped her tears off after saying all this to me and she sighed..

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