On the surface

By @Qmark

Chapter 1

When you look at me

You see even less than meets the eye, 

Seeing more and less than even you know,

Perhaps you see the color of my skin and assume I’ve enjoyed what some call white privilege, you don’t realize that the coloring of my hair and eyes hint to the persecution that goes hand in hand with the Jewish heritage and “archaic” customs,

Perhaps you see my glasses and buy into the stereotype that it means i am smart, not seeing the reality of vision impaired,

Maybe you hear that I go to a private school so of course you presume it means that I come from a wealthy, or at least comfortable home, when in reality my parents debt is a normal argument between my family,

Perhaps you assume that I’m just a teenager with the average tumultuous relationship with their father, when in reality it’s an abnormality for him to be home, so when should I be forming the bond?,

Perhaps you assume I can be summed up in my Instagram posts and bio, when in fact I am not a flat character, I am rounded with traits over personalities over secrets over stories over dreams and it would be impossible for anyone to ever know it all.

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