Obesity ( group 7 )

By @Manar_hu

Obesity ( group 7 )

By @Manar_hu

Chapter 1

     As robert Urich said “A healthy outside starts from the inside.” A healthy lifestyle equals a healthy mind and body. However, nowadays not many people care about their physical health. For instance, many teenagers tend to have bad eating habits such as consuming junk food on a daily basis. The avoidance of physical activity results in many physical and mental diseases causing obesity.

     There are many reasons behind obesity. One leading cause behind obesity is the addiction and the consumption of fast food on a regular basis.Eating fast food results in laziness which prevents people from moving and exercising. Moreover, their weight will increase because of the unhealthy addiction of fast food. For example, adding many sugar substances which affects the body in bad ways. Also, reusing oil for frying without cleaning or changing it is unhealthy method that affects everyone’s body.

      Obesity causes many physical effects that obstructs the body system. Obesity has a higher chance of developing serious diseases. For example, the first cause of obesity is diabetes. Diabetes is a very common disease that affects children and adults. Research has shown that obesity causes most of the body diseases. One of which is the kidney disease. Obesity also affects blood pressure which leads to several heart diseases. These diseases and many more might eventually lead to death.

     When people are suffering from obesity, it is more likely that they will encounter many mental issues. One of them is depression. Because they tend to stay at home for long hours, it will cause some sort of depression. Also, their appearance affects their self esteem which gets them bullied at school or workplace. In addition, anxiety is also one of the main effects for obesity. Because of their anxiety, they tend to eat more food which leads them to gaining more weight.

     In conclusion, the decline of any physical activity will result in physical and mental health problems. Obesity causes a lot of diseases that people are not usually aware of. Many people do not consider their health when eating fast food and ignoring constant exercise. Therefore, they should start changing their food choices and begin a better and healthier lifestyle.

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