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Nothing Happened in the Waterfront Skyline District

By @Saikoes

Nothing Happened in the Waterfront Skyline District

“Nothing happened in the Waterfront Skyline District” the holoprojector repeated. Once. Twice. Three times.

The holoprojector did not stop no matter how many times Ris tried to change the channel. The holoprojector had done this for the past two days. The government seemed to really want to emphasize that nothing happened in the Waterfront Skyline District.

There were many people who claimed that the government had been performing many vile and cruel experiments in the Waterfront Skyline District.

Ris sighed, “I hate this thing…” She said as she laid on her side, watching the holoprojector closely, trying to find a way around the channel lock. Ris just wanted to watch a cartoon or really anything other than this government channel.

Eventually, Ris gave up and sat the holoprojector on her nightstand. Ris simply laid in bed, not wanting to do anything. It was one of those days, a day where she wanted nothing to do with anything, a day she was sure most other people had occasionally as well.

Ris let out a loud groan as her legs began to feel stiff and strange to keep still. Ris began to feel tired of being tired. She sighed and crawled to the side of her bed and stood. Ris could hear her mother scrambling to finish cleaning and cooking just outside of her door.

Ris slowly moved towards her door, it automatically opened itself and she was able to walk out.

Ris’ mother didn’t seem to notice her walk out until a few minutes after, so Ris stood awkwardly as she saw her mother race up and down the hallway doing various chores around the house.

“Mom, I’m sorry I can’t fix the holoprojector like you asked me to,” Ris said, “Keeps saying that ‘Nothing happened in the Waterfront Skyline District.”

Ris’ mom continued to work as she said, “That’s quite alright Ris, I don’t have a fondness for technology anyway.”

Ris’ mom was correct in saying this. Even now, instead of buying new appliances to cook and clean, she hand-washed clothes, hand-washed dishes, and cooked food over a small fire that she lit herself.

“Anyway,” Ris’ mom continued, “My girlfriends invited us over to their house for the holiday weekend, are you interested in going?”

Ris shrugged, “I guess… Don’t really know what else I’d be doing.”

Ris’ mom smiled, “Oh good! You know, one of my girlfriend’s has a daughter the same age as you!”

Ris sighed, “You act like I’d become friends with someone just because they’re the same age as me.”

Ris’ mom snickered, “You could at least try.”

Ris shrugged, “Guess I could try, but if I don’t like it, I’m staying home for the rest of my life! Notably my bed!”

Ris’ mom ceased her cleaning and cooking. She walked over to the makeshift stove she had made, taking the food from the stove and serving it onto a few small plates.

Ris looked over, seeing two small bits of bacon and a large portion of eggs. Both looked badly burned, but Ris held her tongue and feigned enthusiasm while she trotted towards her mother.

An awkward silence filled the air as Ris and her mother began to make their way to the small coffee table where they ate most of their meals.

“After we finish eating, we need to go to one of my girlfriends’ houses.” Ris’ mom said.

Ris nodded and shoved a small portion of egg into her mouth. The only thing Ris was able to taste was a burnt taste, like charcoal.

“How’s the food?” Ris’ mom asked.

Ris faked a smile, “It’s good!” She responded as she shoved a piece of bacon in her mouth, “Very good!”

Ris’ mom smiled, “Finish quickly then, we need to go!”

Ris nodded and quickly scarfed down the remaining food on her plate. Ris let out a small burp afterward.

Ris’ mom gave Ris a small slap on her hand, “That’s rude to do at the dinner table!” Ris’ mother exclaimed.

“Sorry, mom…” Ris meekly responded.

Ris’ mom smirked, the light from the windows shined onto her hair making it seem to glow. It was blinding to Ris.

Ris’ mom clapped her hands together, “Right! We should get going! Please toss the dishes in the sink and we can head out!” Ris’ mom cheered.

“Alright mom, I’ll do that…” Ris responded in a seemingly disappointed fashion.

“Thank you!” Ris’ mom said as Ris gathered the two plates on the table and promptly left to the small kitchen area conjoined with the dining area.

Ris placed the two plates into the small hole they called a sink and then began to trot back to her mother.

Ris’ mother wiped a small piece of food from Ris’ mouth and then patted her on the head, “Go get ready and then we can leave.

“Alright mom,” Ris said, “Give me maybe… An hour?”

“Thirty minutes,” Ris’ mom said firmly.

“Right then… Thirty minutes… I can do that, I guess.”

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