Not Knowing

By @BaileyMae

Not Knowing

By @BaileyMae

It is really about the suspense and the option of leaving or staying in this fantasy. Not knowing if it would ever unveil again for you.

Chapter 1

For some reason whenever I go camping I get so in touch with my inner feelings. Now I now every adult is going to say its becuase I got off of my stupid phone. Although I think it’s for a deeper reason.

Once I went backpacking along the water, not knowing when you need to stop or what’s going to be around the corner, that is what it is, isn’t it. Not knowing, it brings out this different person inside of me.

For once my mind comes to an ease, no whirling around in bubbles of thoughts. With the essence of still but steady, like if behind trees and ivy you find a waterfall, nothing disturbs it, the area accepts it. 

As beautiful and wonderful it is, as soon as you step away the trees will drape over the top as if a shield or cover and bushes as if creating a wall. You know you may never find it again.

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