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Sam woke up like it was another normal day. Little did she know that this was the day that would change her life forever. Sam got up drowsily and got dressed and cleaned up. It was Saturday, and she was excited to spend it biking with her friend. She walked downstairs to the kitchen table and saw her little brother, Henry, sitting there. He was 11 years old and a complete nuisance. Sam loved him, but he could be really annoying sometimes. Sam’s mother, Kim, was also there. Sam avoided looking at the empty chair next to her mother. The one her father used to sit at and read the newspaper, ask about her day, tell her what fun activities they would do, when sports practice started and what—- Sam realized she was reliving the past. She couldn’t think about him or she would burst into tears. Sam’s father, Brian, died in a car accident when Sam was Henry’s age. Sam is 14 now. She shouldn’t be thinking about those things. There was nothing to be done now.

“Sit down Samantha.” Sam’s mother said. “Time for breakfast!”

Kim brought out a small cold pancake.

“You will share it,” Kim said to her children’s disappointed looks.

After dad died, money had been tight and it was hard to cover the rent. Kim was trying, but it wasn’t enough. There were times when her mother and Sam would go hungry for Henry. Not that he cares, Sam thought. Sam left the measly pancake to Henry’s hungry eyes and walked up to her room. Her mother wasn’t acting right. Something was wrong. Sam heard someone’s footsteps coming up to her door. She wasn’t surprised when her mother walked in.

Sitting beside Sam on her bed, Kim said, “I know that we are in tough times. Ever since your dad died we have had less and less money. Savings are running out, and I needed to do something about it.”

Sam looked at her mother, startled. “You’re talking in the past tense. What did you do?” Sam stood up from the bed and faced her mother.

Kim broke down. “I-I sold the hou-house” Kim sobbed. “We couldn’t afford it anymore and I needed money. We pack tomorrow and leave Monday.”

Sam stared at her mother, open-mouthed. “You- YOU DID WHAT?!?” Sam screamed.

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