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Fake~A Poem

By @Kittyqueen79


Will I ever find the one?

You ask yourself.

No, I won’t

You tell yourself.

I’m too ugly

You look at other girls and think,

Wow, they’re pretty.

I’ll never be as pretty as her.

So you try to be ‘prettier’

Heavy makeup,

New haircut,

Fake. You become fake.

But you’re still not good enough.

So you do more.

And more.

And more.

Until you don’t even recognize yourself under it all.

You hide your true feelings,

For fear that it will all be found out.

All the lies you’ve said.

To find the one.

But what you don’t know is,

When you find him,

He’ll love your every imperfection,

And still know you’re beautiful just the way you are.

So be yourself,

Don’t love someone who doesn’t know the real you.

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