No More Running

By @ArchedEyebrowCEO
No More Running

What would you do if your life were centered around fighting, blood and death? What if that life consisted of the one thing you strive your entire life for? A mate… Would you run or stick it out for love? Maiya was only thirteen when she decided to leave her pack in New Mexico for a run-down life in California. All her life she had been used as a weapon for the Spanish division of the Midnight Moon Pack; being a fighting prodigy wasn’t something that Maiya was proud of.

Chapter 1



    I looked around my empty room and sighed. Everything was packed and shipped off to LA. No one knows, it’s just me. I had been planning my escape for months. Searching for apartments there, cyphering money into my account, packing, getting fake papers, keeping all of this a secret. That last part wasn’t hard, I only had one friend and he was too busy chasing after girls to notice that I was going through the wringer, but I was to busy trying to leave to care. 

    I circled the room one last time before walking to the door. I had both good and bad memories in this room but I was ready to take another step in my life. A better one, away from this pack away from these people. As I reached for the door I heard people coming.

“Are you sure she came this way,” a girl asked, or at least it sounded like a girl.

“I’m sure. She went into her room and hasn’t left. I have been doing my job you know,” a chubby kid stated. I could tell he was chubby by his speaking patterns. They were labored, like he was struggling to speak. For a warrior pack they had poor warriors.

“So how are we going to do this,” a third and familiar voice said. No, it couldn’t be. I pulled the door open and sure enough there he was. My best friend, my only friend. 

“Miguel,” I asked shocked.

    The world stopped; I knew what this was and it still wasn’t going to make me stay. Ignoring the feeling I turned to run and jump out of the window. I could hear them shuffling trying to reach me before I could make my way out. I was faster than them but they had brought weapons. 

    The girl threw the first weapon, a rope laced with silver and dipped in boiled Wolf’s Bane. I dodged it but the fat kid threw his and it caught me around the neck. ********** I muttered. He gripped it tighter, choking me. Burning me.

“Give it some slack Sal,” Miguel shouted at the fat kid.

“Just because she is your only friend doesn’t mean that she gets special treatment. She was trying to escape which means she needs to be brought before your father and tried before him and the elders.”

“I know the law! You don’t repeat it to me,” Miguel commanded. His voice was like liquid chocolate being poured onto a strawberry. I shook my head. Trying to rid those thoughts from my head. I wasnt staying not for him not for anyone.

“Okay look guys, we aren’t suppose to be arguing. We just need to get her and then take her to them,” the girl said.

    While they were all caught up in their own problems I wrapped my hands around the rope and pulled, ignoring the burn the rope held. The fat kid went flying into the wall and was instantly knocked unconscious. I was stronger than them. Miguel and the girl tried to ready their weapons, but were too slow I was in the window getting ready to jump. 

“Maiya, you cant just leave. You know that,” Miguel said. I guess this his final plea for me to stay. It wasn’t working.

“I’m leaving Miguel. You’re free to come,” I asked him. I was sort of hopeful that he would say yes and follow me. I looked at him. I knew he was struggling and I didn’t have time to waste while more of them to come for me. “Your loss,” I told him jumping out of the window.

    It was dark outside, really dark, but I was able to see where I was going and so could they. I couldn’t shift yet, but I was already faster and stronger than those who could. I sprinted through the forest. I could hear them shouting to find me and bring me to the Alpha. 

That wasn’t happening. 

    I just had to make it to the old train station before I would be clear and able to slow my pace. I could hear them coming at me from all sides. I stopped and prepared myself to fight. One wolf came at me from the side, jumping mid-stride. I ducked and threw the rope I had taken from the chubby kid at him. It caught him around the neck. I yanked back hard until I heard a snap. One down at least three more to go.

    The next one charged at me from the North. It was crouched down low, to pick up speed. Just seconds before it could reach me I side stepped it and kicked. It when flying into a nearby tree. It whimpered and sunk onto the floor, unconscious. The third was a man who’d just shifted back into his human form. He was naked, but I didn’t shy away from it. I was trained to ignore it, to be comfortable in my own skin. That was one of the good things they forced me to learn. 

“Come on you little *****. Let me see what you got,” he taunted. 

    He got into his fighting stance and I laughed. Did he really think he was going to win against me? He came running at me, when he was close enough he swung with a closed fist. I blocked it and punched him in the gut causing him to double over just enough for me to be able to reach his face. A punch to his left temple either killed him or knocked him out for a while.

    I started running again, I had no time for this. I needed to make it to the train station before it pulled off. I could hear more wolves, men and a few women running for me. I had cleared the forest now I was at least twenty yards away from the train station.

“Maiya. Don’t do this. Just come back I’ll talk to father for you. Just please come back,” Miguel begged. I don’t know where he had come from, but he had scared me.

“Holy **** Miguel, don’t do that,” I scolded him as I held my chest. He chuckled slightly.

“Are you going to stay?”


“Why not,” he asked. His voice sounded broken and defeated. I wonder if he knew. He looked as if he did but there was no way of knowing for sure until I spoke the binding words or until he shifted.

“I didn’t want to be this Miguel and I don’t want to be some weapon your father uses to destroy whole packs. I want a normal life,” I explained. I was begging him to understand. He nodded. 

“Come with me Miguel. If we leave they won’t be able to use us. We wont have to kill anymore.”

“I can’t,” he sighed turning away. I shook my head. “Well I can. Bye Miguel.”

    The wolves, men and women in the woods were getting closer, so I started running again. When I was at least twenty feet away I heard Miguel call my name. I turned around. 

“You will come back. Right,” he asked. 

    I shrugged my shoulders and made my way to the train station. The whistle for the train was blowing so I knew it was about to pull off. It began to pull off slowly. I was close enough that I could see it but not close enough to jump on. So I kicked my speed into overtime, and thirty minutes later I was sitting in an empty freight car falling asleep. Ready for my new life to begin.

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