By @blessing


By @blessing

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Chapter 1


Something yelled 

A signal to stop 

But this time 

No was simply ignored 

All my innocents suddenly stripped away 

All at once. 


  The more I screamed 

the longer it lasted 

Nothing I could do would help

Laying there 

helpless in a dark room 

2 lungs 2 bodies………


If only yelling, No… 

would help 

 The feeling of disgust of my own body suddenly became a friend

 No longer comfortable in my own skin 

That night haunts me 

If only someone heard me yell… 


The night repeats

 The word No suddenly vanished from my vocabulary. 

No amount of soap or No matter how hard I scrub my skin raw 

there he was 

my old friend

 There to remind me of the same dark room cold floors

Same 2 bodies

 the same helpless voice 

Screaming… NO!

Now my old friend walks with me daily 

Darkness fallows me day in and out 

Now scared

Wish i could get away 

But it lives with me 

Every day 

Every turn

There it is

Same two bodies

One scared 

The other saying 

“Good morning”


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  1. MeaningfulMee

    This is beautifully written. Such a dark and important topic is hard to write about in a calm yet powerful way but you managed to do that.

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    Reply 0 Replies Aug 8, 2019

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