New Home

By @nlopez0425

New Home

By @nlopez0425

About a kid who moved to a new place

Chapter 1

New Home

I didn’t want to move here my dad made us move here to Texas I used to live in California. My Dad got tired of the city so he wanted to move to New Braunfels,Texas. I hardly know anyone. I only knew my cousin Ronald and two other people who gave me a tour of the school their names are Jesus and Luis. They are pretty cool and funny.

The next day was my first day of school when I got on the bus I saw my cousin and I sat next to him. I met a few of his friends they were Pretty cool they said if I want to hang out with them after school I said sure whatever. I got to my first period it was chemistry I sat by myself in the back but then the teacher called me and said, Hi Gerald why don’t you stand up and introduce yourself to the class.I don’t like speaking in front of people.So i stood up and said,

Hi my name is Gerald I used to live in california and i’m 14 years old.

Thank you Gerald you may take a seat, Mr. Perez said.

I didn’t talk to anyone the whole day people were making fun of me because I wasn’t from around here so, people made fun of me I stayed quiet the rest of the day so I told my cousin that I can’t hang out with them after school. So I went home and just ate dinner and went up to my room and talked to some of my old friends and after 30 min I got tired and went to sleep.

The next day it was better I made a few more friends they stopped making fun of me a little and I started to know them a lot better. The rest of the week was good and I got to go on a field trip on the second weak to a museum it was cool and I’ve been having a good year ever since.

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