New Begginings

By @Cristal
New Begginings

She learned to never stay quite and speak to persons she trust and never hide her problems

Chapter 1

Is the world Ending?

One day a girl name Olivia did something bad she wasn’t suppose to do which is fail her class . So they she wanted to make it up for her parents so she decided to do cookies for her parents but then she over cooked them so then her parent got mad at her. She got very frustrated so she decided to go play with her dog name Bella and started talking to her dog Bella telling her she wasn’t good enough and she was doing bad in school and she didn’t know how to tell her parents she was failing school. She cried herself to sleep because she didn’t know what to do. Then she called her friend for help her friend told her to tell her parent and not to be scared and to be brave. Then she said okay I will. So then she was brave enough to do it and went to tell her parents. Her parents told her it wasn’t okay to hide it from them but then they told her it was okay but just to try hard and never give up in life. Then she said If I thought the world had ended, I was wrong because everything in life is possible and you could achieve it with help and then she said life is actually giving you a new beging . Then she gave a message to everybody with the same problem she wanted to tell the person to “Be brave don’t let anything or anyone take you down be brave and speak up and don’t be scared” So then she learned a little lesson to speak up and never give up with what she ha to do. So then she began to communicate with her parents a little more and talk with different people. And she learned to never hide stuff from people and to speak up. And she also learned that friends are here to help.

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