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Natsu or Gray

By @AnimePsycho23

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail


Lucy walked into the guild hall like it was any normal day.

“Hey Lucy I have a very important question to ask you,” Gray said

“No, I do,” Natsu said.

“Well, I was here first to beat it!” Gray yelled.

“Oh yeah, Ice Princess,” Natsu bickered

“You wanna go, Flame Brain, Gray said ready for a fight.

“Ummm, you can both tell me what you need to,” Lucy Suggested.

“Fine,” The boys said while giving each other a death stare.

“Lucy, if you had to choose to go out with one of us, who would you choose,” Natsu asked concerned.

“Ummmmm,” Lucy said flustered and red.

“See Flame brain, I told you this was a bad Idea. Besides, she would have chosen me anyway,” Gray stated confidently.

‘Love rival,’ Juvia thought as the made a death stare at Lucy.

Lucy broke out of her daze quickly and grabbed Natsu by the face, and kissed him

“YES! GRAY IS MINE ALL MINE, WE CAN BE FRIENDS NOW LUCY, YOU ARE NO LONGER MY LOVE RIVAL, GRAY IS MINE!” Juvia yelled as she suffocated Grays arm while dragging him out of the guild hall.

“But, WHY,” Gray questioned confused as he was being dragged out.

“Natsu, I have loved you since we meet, and I have never loved anyone else, not even Gray,” Lucy said blushing.

“I feel the same way,” Natsu said as he kissed Lucy passionately.

‘Awww, Looks like Nalu has been taken care of all by itself,’ Mira thought to herself as she cleaned off another glass.

Okay, so what did you think!

This was my first ever One Shot so I wanna know how I did.

I did have a better version but I had wifi disconnection problems and then I lost it all… ?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed Plz Review

-Your Friend, AnimePsycho23

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