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By @DumaMoyo

Let's get started, shall we?

Alright, so if anyone even read the first version of my book, “The Dragon of No Shape”, I am currently re-writing it! It’s called the same thing, but it has “(Updated)” on it. This “book”, or whatever I’m calling it, is where I’ll take questions about my book and updates on when I can or can’t update! I’ll also drop some hints here and there if people actually comment here because I barely know how Underlined works, maybe some tips would be helpful…Anyways I’d like some comments or any other way to prove that even one person is reading my book. Also, requests for hints can be arranged, and – using my email: jadeslibertas@gmail.com – you can even send me character ideas or designs for upcoming chapters, so if you have an idea for this book shoot an email or comment my way and if I like your idea I will credit you with it!

Thank you so much, DumaMoyo

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