My Tattoo is Haunted

By @kchamp9

My Tattoo is Haunted

By @kchamp9

A short story for the short story contest.

Chapter 1

Dear (Name Redacted),

            I think my tattoo is haunted.

            Well, maybe haunted isn’t the best word for it. But there’s definitely something wrong with it. Cursed? Jinxed, perhaps. 

            All I really know is that since I got it… seriously strange things have been happening.

            And I guess that brings up another point in the fact that I don’t quite remember when I got it. It’s almost like I woke up one morning and it was there. Nothing major. Just the outline of a circle on my wrist.

            The internet yielded no results so far- where else would I go than to the Box of Knowledge sitting on my dresser in a time like this. ‘Circle tattoo’ and ‘circle tattoo symbolism’ each bring up thousands of results- mostly about the sun or eternity or something like that- and searching ‘small circle tattoo that just appeared on wrist’ might as well give me the link to the nearest psychiatric hospital or alcoholics anonymous meeting. 

            And perhaps I do need help. The things I’ve been seeing since it manifested have been crazy weird. Like, shadowy-figures-that-aren’t-quite-human weird.

            That’s why I’m writing you this letter. I’m afraid of those things I’m seeing, but I’m more terrified of telling you in person and losing your respect in me. Because I am sure that you would.

            To be entirely honest, I don’t think I was ever going to tell you. I think I would have rather suffered it out, hoping I would get better soon. But it’s getting worse, and the things are getting closer, so I suppose it is time.

            My mother found out about what was happening- I never told her, of course. She just has a way of knowing these kinds of things, in that way of hers. And when I confirmed what she thought, she had no words of advice for me, just smiled grimly as if she were unsurprised and told me that she thought it would be me. 

            I guess this is supposed to be a gift? At least, that’s what my mother said, not convincingly. That this was an ‘ability’ and a ‘blessing in our lives’. 

            I still call it a curse. She said that every once in a while a girl in our family is blessed with this Mark and a gift to see the Others, those creatures not from our world. We supposedly bring luck to others, but all I can think of is how unlucky I am.

            And now that they’re getting stronger, it’s getting more and more terrifying. They’re harder to distinguish from real people, and I swear I saw one smile at me yesterday. By far the scariest moment of all.

            I’m not sure what to do, whether I’m meant to fight them, or help them, or ignore them altogether, and my mother is of course no help in that matter. She says that she wasn’t instructed on that part, but that she would assume help them. “It’s okay, though,” she said. “I would know when it was time.”

            Thanks, mother. 

            I don’t know what I’m going to do as these things get more and more real, but just know that I love you so much, no matter what.

            I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you for the holidays.

Your twin sister,

(Name Redacted)

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