By @Abby_7

its about my experience on friendship and of letting go of the past and moving on

Chapter 1

my best friend leaving

Hi! I want to tell you all about my story letting go of the past and moving on which led to my escape of loneliness. all of you introverts or shy people out there this story’s for you I hope that you can relate to it and if you have any suggestion or any piece of advice or really just anything please feel free to leave a reply

 So, I just want to give a brief introduction about myself I am neha I am 14 and I just entered the ninth grade. I am from India so the education system is a little different than the US so you might find somethings weird. Anyways so it all started one year ago when I entered the eighth grade my best friend moved across half the world to the United States and I felt really lonely back in India. I felt like I lost a part of myself .before this I never realized that I had any problem making friend cause she was always there for me .but in eight since our sections had changed she was my only friend in a class of 35 students and when she left I fell all alone and really lost .at first I thought that she was joking but when she actually moved I got really mad at her and jealous . the first few weeks I was mad at her and I thought that she was going to return but after like one month it suddenly struck me that she was out of my life she is never going to return I felt broken I didn’t know what to do. I stopped paying attention in classes and I really got bad grades I started missing school so basically, I was failing. I wanted to go to Atlanta, Georgia (where she moved) but obviously my parents said NO. After like one week of missing school I went back and I noticed that children in my class were not as hopeless as I thought they were. Obviously, I was invisible to them because I wasn’t really an interactive person. It is at that time that I thought that I needed to get myself together so I just without thinking walked up to them and said hi, I was really nervous but fortunately everything went very well. Now after one year I am a part of my schools most famous peer group and we are so close; I had the best last year.

So, your one step can bring a drastic change in your life and my step was that overcoming my lack of confidence and shyness and opening myself to different people. I know this story is a little short but in real life it really took 5-6 months to successfully settle in. well I hope this inspires you to be more open and forget about the past and move on. Now you might be wondering what happened between me and my friend well she is still in Atlanta I haven’t talked to her in a long time and I hope someday to meet her again after all she was my best friend!!!

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