My story

By @XierraM

Chapter 1


4 years ago in 2012 in Denver Colorado, My mother and I had got a very important and life changing phone call as we turned on the news because we both had got a really bad feeling. The news had announced a triple homicide in Adams county.. right then and there we knew, the males that were killed in this triple homicide was my moms bestfriend and his two sons. My moms bestfriend meant the world

to my brother and I, he was the closest male we had to us as a father figure. Jason looked out for us like as if we were his own kids. He looked out for us no matter where we went , we always had him right by our side. While we were living on the streets he would always make a way for us to have clothes on our back, make a way for us to eat, and a place to sleep . The day that the GKI’s Took Jason from us is when I had lost my other half. This moment of loss has been impactful and life shaping by one second he was here with us physically now he is here with us spiritually. The tattoo I have on my arm is portraying a picture of Jason. Knowing the portrait is apart of my body I know that he is with me where ever I go.

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  1. GoDucks10

    I am very sorry to hear this, I cannot even begin to imagine what a loss like this might feel like. Putting your story out there for anyone to see was very brave and I know will be helpful to people who have gone through similar things. I’m glad you found a way to keep Jason with you wherever you are and I hope that someday you can find peace in knowing he will always be with you in spirit. 🙂

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