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My sister wrote this, heh but i helped her

By @Sarahisdaname

“And they rode away into the sunset…”

“What’s a sunset?” I ask.

“Well…I don’t know. Where I used to live they told it as a story.”

“They never told stories where I came from.” I shift and lay back onto the course grass and dirt, and pull my thick blanket over my head.

Yon starts to whistle like those odd beasts in the sky. The bubble pocket between us starts to gurgle. I shoot up. “Oh- no-“

Before either of us has time to even think about diving out of the way, the pocket explodes into a jet of steaming hot water. The pillar shoots into the air fifteen feet high, spraying us and all of our possessions, (which isn’t much anyway).

We pick up our stuff and run.

“Nice pick to set up camp,” Yon yells over his shoulder.

“How was I supposed to know it was awake?” I shout back, struggling to swing my drenched bag over my shoulder. “Least it was warm!”

Yon shrugs.

We trudge a little ways. “Should we try to make camp again?” I ask.

Yon shrugs again. “Probably…hey look! What do ya reckon?” He suddenly points into the distance. A thick tower of steam or smoke steadily flows upward from behind a hill.

“Another bubble pocket I’d think.”

Out of curiosity we walk further on until we crest the hill, and down below see a stone hut. Yon and I exchange glances.

We come upon the hut, which appears to be just a stop-off, and is halfway built into another hill. Smoke pours from a chimney. A few rusty bikes lean up against a wall.

A sign hangs from the roof reading, “Iced treats, Penny Candies, and Cakes.”

“Ooh,” I say, remembering the small bag of brass stamps in my pocket. “You hungry?”

“You got money?!”

I grin. “Not much but it might get us somethin’.”

Yon pushes the door open.

Inside there’s a bar with a few occupied seats. In front of the widow they got a booth

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