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my secret talent

By @black queen

who am i realy ??!


my name’s cheche it is weird but we gonna stick with it until we get to know each-other more 🙂

I’m an extra ordinary person but still dont know how but i care for people like every good person who change at the end of the movies cuz he gives so much so i tried to change little by little before the end…

so …

i tried not to be a fool so i become one .

i tried not to give too much but i couldn’t .

i tried to be little selfish but its hard , it sound very pathetic but i’m not cuz im not that great cute either

we are all not have the same face all the time

it depend on so many things to show the right face for each person

but the mistake is we never show the right face for the right person and time

im not so deep or maybe a little deep 😀 but i try to figure out my self .. if i didnt mention my age yet it 29 and still not sure who am i …

but in the next weeks or months i dont know yet we all gonna know …

do think i will be the good who change and win or the bad who dies cuz good always win ???

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