My Poems :)

By @BeatriceJenson
My Poems :)

A girl finds herself fall into a hole of curiosity about a boy's past and wants to know more about the lunchbox he always carries around with him. It's a short little poem that I made. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1


He walks around aimlessly through the halls all alone, not caring about a thing

There’s a thick barrier surrounding his fragile body from the world

 There’s a stream of noise going through his ears, the sounds of spring

I can feel all the thoughts in his head, as they silently swirled

It wasn’t he who made me feel enraptured

It was his tiny little lunchbox swinging innocently around 

The lunchbox looked as if it was stored with memories it had captured

All the wondrous thoughts inside of it, pinning me facedown

I watched him from afar, every single day

As if the cloud of smoke floating from the inner depths of the food were forming into a rope, gripping me tightly, cutting off my breath, pulling me towards it

Oh! What shall I do? My mind had become hopelessly distorted

I admired the way he ate the food from his tiny little lunchbox

The noodles swinging lifelessly around, as they were gently guided toward his mouth

The way his face turned up towards the sky, watching the birds fly in flocks

It was time for the elegant, winged creatures to travel South

When you looked into his eyes, you could see tears swimming

When he walked into the room, every object around me turned into something far more elaborate, spiraling around every inch of my body, and I felt as if my tongue was tasting every detail

The scenery changed to cherry blossoms whirling in the wind, and we turned into birds, flying through the night sky, leaving a glowing trail

Oh please, let me have a taste from that lunchbox of yours!

My curiosity had turned into a new type of hunger

Using it’s clandestine memories, it maliciously lures

The lunchbox holds the recollections and echoes of you when you were younger

Welcome me into your forsaken little barrier

Let the sorrows pounding against your heart escape, and wrap around my body

Teach my heart to float in these heavy waters of cravings and desires!

The secrets of you and your little lunchbox is what i’m striving to acquire 

I’m begging you, please hold your little lunchbox out to me

I want you to feel the gentle breeze touching your skin turn into an atrocious windstorm

Do you want me to drop to my poor, worn out knees?

I hope the food in your lunchbox is still warm..

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