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My Ocean

By @winstonsun850

his eyes would be grey like a stormy night, he’d look at me, suddenly I’d feel bright. I’ll be the sun to light up his day. On the stormiest nights, I’d stay awake.

His skin would be smooth like a door handle. I’d open new opportunities for him, it’s always a win. Don’t care about skin color cuz it really don’t matter, but if it was a choice, just hope he looks flattered.

his teeth would be as bright as day. Like snowfall on a cold Boston day. I’d make him hot coco, with marshmallows on top, he’d smirk and say this was his favorite day.

his muscles would be toned, but not to big, don’t want a bodybuilder, but not a twig. Maybe he plays basketball, maybe it’s baseball, really don’t care, just hope he’s not blocky.

he would be kind and he would be smart, maybe graduated from Stanford? Maybe from Penn, I hope he’s not cocky so he won’t offend.

he’d treat me right, and buy me flowers, he’d kiss me goodnight and we’d fall asleep.We’d wake up in the morning, bright and early, he would look me in the eyes and say “good morning”

he would accept my flaws and I would accept his, we would have a family, probably no kids. We would have a few dogs, maybe a cat.

he would drink some coffee and go to work, he has a great paying job, so we can live in this huge house. I’d be a psychologist, so I’d leave a bit later.

he would call me at work and ask how have I been, and I’d giggle and tell him I love him. He’d come and surprise me, waiting at my car, we’d drive off somewhere romantic, somewhere very far.

we would gaze at the sky, the lovely sunset. The beautiful clouds, drifting from the sky. We could talk for hours, about everything and nothing at the same time. I’d tell him something like how I felt as if I was a cloud, floating around, not knowing what to do, others passing by without a second thought.

maybe his name would be sky. So then I would be his sun. We’d name our dogs things like, autumn, April, and ocean. We’d be like the wind, without the commotion.

this is the perfect guy that I dream of. I know he doesn’t exist, but it’s nice to think of.

if I could choose what the perfect guy would look like, and be like, this would be him

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