My Most Terrifying Paranormal Experience

By @MintySugarPlum
My Most Terrifying Paranormal Experience

I talk about my experience with the paranormal and how it has affected my thoughts on the paranormal world forever.

Chapter 1

The Lady In the Bathroom

Just going back to this memory sends chills up my spine. The story I’m going to be telling you today is 100% real. This actually happened to me, Ashley.

It was winter break, December 2015. My grandma was over at our apartment. Note that she’s an important part of all of my experiences. Everytime something paranormal happens to me she’s always nearby.

I was in the shower while everyone was in the kitchen making coconut macaroons. Everything was perfectly normal until the bathroom lights turned off. The bathroom lights tended to flicker on and off all the time anyway so it didn’t bother me much. All you had to do was flip the switch off then back on and the lights would go back on.

What stopped me in my tracks was the fact that the switch was off. How? I have absolutely no idea. I didn’t think much of it and just turned the lights back on.

I stepped back into the shower and less than 2 minutes later the lights went out again. Again, the switch was flipped. I repeated my steps from earlier and went back to the shower, a little freaked out now.

As soon as I stepped into the shower the lights went out immediately. That was the last straw for me. When I stepped out of the shower aggravated, I stopped in my tracks. Note that our bathroom door is made out of a foggy sort of glass. It’s a little hard to explain. Let’s just say that if you stepped in front of the door I would only see your shadow. Anyways, I saw this shadow in front of my door, slouching on the ground like they were trying to hide from me. I laughed and started shouting “Seriously Mom?” Silence. “Come on Mom! Stop it!” Nothing. “Grandma?” The shadow stands up. I notice that the figure seems like a woman. Almost like something out of the ring. I run back to the shower and have a total meltdown. I have no idea how long I sat there sobbing. When I came out of the shower She was still there. She slouched back down and crawled away. I then knew that I couldn’t be human. She just disappeared. Her shadow was there and then gone.

This was not the first paranormal thing that has happened in this bathroom. We have an electric toilet that opens when you’re about to take a seat and opens when you stand up. At 3 am my mom told me that the toilet would randomly open and close, over and over again.

When my friend told me this story I wanted to leave that place: A woman threw herself out of the window at the apartment we were staying at. That’s why the apartment made the windows barely able to open so you couldn’t even stick your hand out.

We eventually moved to another room and everything was perfectly dandy. I always felt wrong in that room and the fact that the woman I saw may have been the woman who committed suicide still scares me.

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  1. Anansiboy

    Not bad. Please don’t open with ‘this story is 100% true’. Whether it is or isn’t, it’s done too much in ostensibly true paranormal stories and creepypastas, as well as known fiction. It’s more cliche and mildly irritating than convincing. Otherwise fairly interesting,

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