By @tezztejaswi


By @tezztejaswi

A 20 year girl in love with both her parents and her prince.... This crused her in between them... How such a girl made towards love.. Is she right with desicion.... An introspect of reality...

Chapter 1

The Introvert

I don’t know what is happening to me.. I had many dreams since my childhood. I am a big thinker.May be it ruined my life to this extent.The worst part is that i don’t even had a arm to rest on,Even i cant share my agony with my mom. I don’t know why i am such an introvert. But i am me. Why cant every one accept as the way i was.

I don’t know where to start and how to start.But today i am sure that i should get rid of pain. This happens only by screaming out. I am introvert from my childhood. when i am young i feel interested in girly maters,boys crushes and many. Ofcourse i need to admit one thing that i am not from these posh cities.

I am from a small village beside a town. But i am sure our people are well known for our enjoyments and luxaries. My parents are such a village minded especially in the matters related to boys.

“They want their daughter to be the most secure girl on the earth. That’s very nice on their part but they just forgot that i am a girl too i just want some freedom”

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