My first love

By @Sohaira
My first love

It's a story of girl who fell in love with a guy who was really mysterious and never reveal his identity and how she found him and how the guy started loving her . And how they become lovers. What if they will have a sad ending ????

Chapter 1

First meetup

Hi my name is Maria. I live in Korea. Today IAM going share my first love story with you all. This all started with when I was doing a lot of shifts to pay my tuition fee. I use to do night shifts at a restaurant days were passing by it was really difficult to handle studies and job altogether. But anyhow I use to manage it. The day I first met him❤️. It was raining and as usual I was waiting for the bus it was late night and I was worried because I could just hear the sound of wind and my heart beat. Suddenly I heard some footsteps and saw a shadow running towards me slowly slowly he was getting closer. But he was not alone he was carrying a girl in his arms. As he came near the street light I saw his face clearly his eyes were shining sweat drops dripping all over his face he was panicked his curly hairs were all waving in wind I was lost in him. I came back to reality with the bus sound and he was no where to be seen . Alas he was gone but there was something about that guy????.

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