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My Everlasting Peace

By @Rainbowm38

The Funeral- part three(epilouge)

The coffin lies open front and center. Inside it lies a broken hearted, blonde-headed, 14, year old girl. She is dressed in a beautiful flowy white nightgown, to represent her lasting slumber. The pews are filled up, there was not a single chair left open. Rows upon rows were filled with family, friends, and acquaintances dressed in black. Some were solemn and defaced by the awfulness of her death not making a sound when the image of her corpse lies dead in their mind. Most were sobbing at the scene. How could such an innocent girl die by such a horrible fate. Everyone she thought disliked her, is now tearing up at the sight of her dead body and bruised neck. She was wrong no one disliked her, how could they? She was pure and kind, innocent in all ways possible.

 Her mother stands up and walks toward the microphone with tears streaming down her face. “today we are gathered here to remember my daughter, Renae.” She chokes on her little girl’s name. “she died because of a mental illness I didn’t believe in.” the room moaned with fear. Every parent hugged their kid tighter, every lover held each other’s hand with emotion, and every child cried in confusion. How could the universe allow this to happen? How could they let this happen.

Her mother cried because she blamed herself for not loving every part of her. Her father cried for not reaching out enough and loving her more. Her friends cried because they didn’t tell her how much she really meant to them. The ones who didn’t know her cried because of their friends affected by her death. Everyone who loved her cried because they knew they should have helped her. Depression tricked her. She thought no one would care if she died, but she was mistaken. Oh, how loved she was.

She didn’t know that after she died her family was torn apart. Everyone blamed themselves for her death. Her parents divorced, for they blamed each other for not helping her more. Her young sister, Lydia, who loved her more than anyone else, refused to talk to anyone. She gained anorexia level weight and ended up overdosing. Her dear friends who hated themselves for not helping her were now the ones who struggled with Depression.

All because one girl decided to find her Everlasting Peace.

All because of Depression.

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