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My enchanted lake goddess (short verision)

By @RLSwolf

The meating

A glowstick breaks before it glows, a flower has shut doors before it blooms, in this case, I am a glowstick and she is a flower starting to bloom. But I’m going too far let me start at the begging. It was just a typical sunny day, I decided to go adventuring, the place I went to was an old enchanted lake, no one has ever visited it since 1963, or at least I thought until I saw her, she was the most beautiful, prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. I went to her and said

“Hello” she replied “Hello”.

Me-“beautiful day isn’t”

her-“yes, it is”

me-“so what brings you here today?”

her-“not much just looking for inspiration and I love coming here and just exploring new things, you”


She had the most beautiful voice ever! After a little while we learnt each other’s names and so much more, we decided to tell each other where we lived and exchanged numbers, it was such a fun day, I asked her “can I walk you home

“yes, you can”

I was so happy she said yes. As we walked to her house we learnt a lot about each other like how she has one sister and I have two brothers. She also told me she loves photography, reading, writing and exploring and so do i. After a while we arrived at hers I felt kind of sad because she was leaving, but as I turned around she stopped me and said “wait do you want to come in”

I said “yes, please

We entered her place I looked around and said “wow, I love your place”

she replied”thank you, I was thinking of changing it up”

I looked so confused at her and I said “Why it’s fabulous”

she said “aw thank you so much” after she said that she kissed me on the cheek it felt like my heart stopped.

I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back. She invited me for the night and I said yes but before I knew anything else happened my mum came and screamed “WAKE UP NOW”

I growled at her


So I got up got my morning done and headed off to the enchanted lake as I got there I saw her sitting there on the rock. She turned around and said “yesterday was fun was it”

I Was confused, I thought it was a dream, then I Realised that it wasn’t a dream it was real, then she took my hand and sat on the sand and we didn’t realise how fast time went it was now sunsetted she took my hand again and we stood next to the lake she kissed me, I guess I was so in love with her that I snapped like a glowstick in the end.

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