My Cursed Genes

By @daviladestinee02

My Cursed Genes

By @daviladestinee02

Desiree Davalos, ordinary girl. At least she thought she was. An event that changes her life style and uncover secrets of her parents pasts. What beast will be unleashed?

Chapter 5

My choice

As my claws and hair began to disappear I spoke up again. “You guys are unbelievable” I said pointing at all of them, “I haven’t even had time to wrap my head over whatever the hell is going on and you’re all here fighting. You guys want me to be in ‘your pack’” I said using my fingers to make air quotations, “And yet, none of you have told me what is going on. Every time I ask all you say it’s not important yet. Well guess what?

It is. I am losing my mind here. I just want to know what the hell is going on.” Jorge gave me a look that seemed to say this doesn’t concern you and before he could talk I started again, “And don’t you say that this doesn’t concern me because it sure as hell does. You guys are here fighting over me as if I were some sort of chew toy. And let me tell you something, I am not a chew toy. I have opinions and questions too. Have any of you thought of that?”

           “What questions do you have?” wow my aunt Elena responded so fast. I did not expect them to take what I said under consideration. I stood there in silence for a brief moment to gather my thoughts before I finally said, “Why am I dangerous?”.

           They began to tense up, they looked as if they were figuring out the best way to answer my question. No one seemed to want to answer the question.

           Finally, someone I hadn’t noticed before stepped forward. He looked around my age or maybe even a little older. He had dark brown hair, almost black and hazel eyes. He was pretty tall, taller than me. He had broad shoulders. “There are many answers to that question.” he said. “We can’t really answer it correctly because you wouldn’t understand just yet.”

           “What do you mean I wouldn’t understand?” I asked.

           “Being a werewolf is more than just turning on full moons or not turning on full moons. You would need to know your history to understand certain things.” He said. “Unfortunately,” he began while glancing at my mom, “you haven’t had the chance to learn, it was decided that they would teach you if you turned. Not at a young age like it’s accustomed.”

           “What do you mean ‘at a young age’?” I asked looking at my mom.

“Look,” said Ramon, “right now that doesn’t matter, if you are going to learn you need to choose a pack.” He was looking at me all hopeful.

           “So, you guys want to choose me right here and now which side of my family I want to be with?” They all gave me a look that said duh. I thought about it for about five minutes before giving my answer.

           “Why doesn’t she just do both?” asked that guy from before.

           “What do you mean both?” my cousin Ramon asked looking confused.

“I mean genetically speaking she’s part of both packs, she needs to know her history from both sides to be able to understand what she is.” The guy said.

           Lola gave him a dirty look, “You want her to alternate between two packs?”

       “It’s actually a good idea,” Jorge pitched in, “she gets to experience what it would be like to be a part of our packs.”

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