My Chest is a Sepulcher

By @KillingSunshine

Chapter 1

A Poem

My heart trembles, left in the sepulcher that is my chest. 

Forever encased in a prison that causes any fleeting emotions to go into arrest. 

But why is it that these emotions are swarming around like bees in a hive? 

Is it just the representation of my oneness, telling me that I’m alive? 

Relentless assumptions from left to right, 

But instead, I wallow in my sorrow, my grief, my plight. 

I’m breathless; I cannot fathom why I feel this way.

Is this a way in which I am obliged to pay for my depths of constant delay?

As your eyes graze upon me impenetrably, 

I wonder to myself: Could it be that my old feelings for you have not yet taken their leave?

My breath catches in my throat, causing me to halt in my speech. 

What could it be that triggered these sensations to unleash? 

Is it the rekindling of the old flames from long ago? 

These very flames brew with the intensity of a thousand suns, warmth to the coldest of hearts, it would bestow. 

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