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My Afton Family Story

By @LilyAfton

Lily's Backstory

When lily (Lilith Lucy Afton) was born she was an only child. Her parents were Clara and William Afton.

They were good parents for a while.

two years after Lily was born her little brother Terrance was born


Having two little kids was a lot for William and Clara to handle.

William invited his brother (Vince) to live with them to help with the kids.

Lily loved her uncle Vince, he took her to where he worked. 

She loved the workshop where he worked. Vince made animatronics for William’s restaurant.

Vince showed Lily what did and how robotics worked.

At the age of five, she started working on her first project. A couple of weeks after her sixth birthday her parents had another baby, named Michael.

Terrance and Lily were not happy about another kid, William and Clara were not that good of parents. after mike was born terry got sick, and three months later he died

At the age of seven Lily had just lost her best friend.

Clara didn’t much care for her living children.

Soon after Terrance’s death, Lily started collecting plushies.

The first one she got was from her uncle, it was a little pink and white fox.

William, who had never liked Terrance, wasn’t that upset about his death, but he started blaming Michael for his death, he thought that if he hadn’t been born terry wouldn’t have died. so, he started to ignore him.

a year after Terrance’s death (lily’s eight Michael’s three) lily asked her father and uncle if they would help with the projects she had been working on.

She has made five fox robots so far. ( Funtime foxy who she called feefe, lolbit, mangle, rockstar foxy, and og foxy)​

she had asked them if they would code for her, her father said sure but her uncle said no cause he was about to move out.

A year later Vince left Lily by moving out.

Two years after Vince moved they had another child, this it was a girl. Her name was Elizabeth (lily’s ten and mike’s five)

Clara absolutely loved Liz. A year after Liz was born Clara started giving her lily’s plushies. William started paying more attention to Micheal and forgot about lily.

She started feeling alone and forgotten she started missing her uncle. She started living in the workshop. She would only come into the house for clothes, the only one who noticed she wasn’t there was mike. So he went looking for her, when he found her they started talking.

One day William told Michael to get Lily, they were going to visit his friend henry. Lily who remembered henry from when she went to the fazbear family dinner with Vince, she got excited. When they got to the dinner she ran off with Henry’s kids (charlie and Sammy) and started to play hide and seek. 

One time when it was her turn to seek she saw her father putting on the spring bonnie suit, she wondered about it but she didn’t really care. She couldn’t find the twins. Finally, after an hour she found Sammy, alone, shaking and crying. He said that someone in a bunny suit had taken his sister. Remembering that she saw her father in a bunny suit, she decided not to tell Sammy, what she did tell him was that they would find her. So lily and Sammy looked for her and they did find her, dead, under the main stage. They both started to scream until Henry and William came running, when Henry saw why they were screaming he froze in disbelief. William told Lily and Sammy to go upstairs and get ready to go.

When they got back to the Afton house, Lily ran to the workshop and locked the door.

Lily kept what she saw a secret for years.

Two years later William and Clara had another child, a boy that they named Chris.

Micheal loved him from the moment he held him. (lily’s 12 mike’s 8 and Liz’s 3)

Lily didn’t much care about what was happening in the house, she never left the workshop, mike would visit from time to time but aside from that, she was alone. after a while she started to see her brother Terrence at night, she knew that it was only a dream but she had missed him so much that she didn’t care. A year later William came and told her that her uncle Vince had died. After that she didn’t leave her bed for weeks, mike sometimes brought Liz and Chris to try and cheer her up. but nothing worked, after another year she moved back into the house, but they had given her room to Chris, so she had to share a room with Liz. 

Even though she was mad and scared of William she asked him to help her with her animatronics (lily’s 14 mike’s 10 Liz’s 5 and Chris’s 2)

A year later as they were finishing working on feefe (Funtime foxy)

She told William “I know what you did to charlie”

Turning slowly, William asked, “what was that?” he asked smiling weirdly

“You killed her” and just she looked up to see his reaction he stabbed her

Smiling above her he said “ and you’ll die with that secret”

Then he stuffed her body into feefe

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