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Multiverse book one: the beginning

By @funnyshack

chapter 6: virtual reality

*Mark gets knocked out and wakes up in a full haptic feedback suit* accompanied by a virtual reality headset. He is standing up in a dark room and suddenly galaxies start appearing one by one he starts falling into each one of them he started entering portals that broke time and space. He was freaking out and then he landed in a world parallel to his own but made of candy. This was his childhood dream. He heard tales of a soft creamy substance the color of brown. It had a sweet taste. They called it chocolate. It was his mom’s favorite. Mark couldn’t unfortunately try it as it ran out in 2070 having rumors there are still cocoa beans across the world in remote locations. Here the rivers ran with this so-called chocolate. He ran up to the chocolate. He could smell it. He ran up to the chocolate and he ate some of it. It was sweet and delicious. He wished his mom was there to experience it with him. Suddenly the cookie floor started to collapse and he fell into a world filled with fire and destruction chaos reigning supreme on the people running from the attackers. He fell into another world only with water at the surface. He fell into another world where ships flew and ran like 20th-century technology. And when pixels started disappearing he was back in the real world he knew it was all fake as this type of technology was very common in 2103. ************ he said. “Advanced all in one virtual reality headset equipped with all five senses touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound your also standing on a 35,000 dollar treadmill,” the general said. “So are u in or are u out,” he said. “Give me some time to think about it”. “U have 24 hours I will send u the coordinates of this location through a private free nft”.         

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