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Multiverse book one: the beginning

By @funnyshack

Chapter 5: B.O.M.A

He is in a dark place *the lights turn on* He saw a man in front of him with a suit and a tie. “ Are u gonna oh hi mark me cause this is getting anticlimactic. “We don’t have time for your old pop culture references mark,” the man said. “ oh trust me I have been in this situation before one time on the moon… *gets punched*. “I am general malice, I work for the bureau of multiversal affairs or more known as B.O.M.A. “. “We are in charge of otherworldly events and affairs”. “C’mon man I didn’t even finish my overpriced donut”. “Shut your mouth, Mr. Johnson, you are here because you are qualified to go on our first multiversal journey expedition and only a few people on earth qualify for that”. “Let me ask your Mr. Johnson, do u know what the multiverse is”. “I have heard of it but my knowledge is limited to a few movies and shows from the 21st century”. “Let me show what it is”

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