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Mr. Dean

By @Val

Mr. Dean was a smart man,

a handsome man,

a businessman.

But Mr. Dean-a dead man now-

Begins to wonder how:

How he had come to die

without living at all.

Every day spent breathing,

had been a day spent working,

a day spent earning,

a day spent saving,

and-finally-a day spent dying.

But no day in between

had been a day worth living.

See, Mr. Dean had also been a frugal man,

though his bank account was full.

He’d been a very, very rich man

but no one had ever known.

Not his friends,

because he had none.

Not his wife,

as he’d never loved.

Not his parents,

since they passed.

And not his kids

he never had.

Mr. Dean was always waiting-

one day would just feel right,

one day he’d have saved enough,

one day it would finally be time-

but one day never came

cause’ no dollar sum was best.

He’d wasted his life saving,

and lost it all to death.

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