By @A_C

Hi!! This is really just a rant. It could be a poem, or just a random blob. Feel free to read it if you struggle with feeling motivated too! Maybe it'll make you feel like you're not alone??

Chapter 1

Just a rant?

Motivation, something I wish I had.

What is it?

That complex drive to want to accomplish something?

I can’t understand it.

Sounds great, “just get some motivation and you’ll achieve!”

Achieve what?

What do I want to achieve?

I have no motivation to make a mark.

I have no reason to try

and at the same time, that gives me no reason to cry.

But why, why do I feel this twisting, turning, contortion of my gut when I see their motivation?

Why, why does this sick, grotesque feeling well up from inside?

This pitch black emotion, misery with a pinch of rage.

I sleep, just a moment to forget my frustration, and when I look up,

they’re miles ahead.

Where are you going? Don’t leave me behind!

But with that magic that’s called motivation my friends and classmates don’t have the time.

They’re whisked away with that thing called motivation, something that is not mine.



Why am I here alone?

I want some motivation too.

Can I too be just like you?

I want to catch up!

But, the need to catch up,

is still not motivational enough.



For now I suppose, I’ll just lay here and sleep.

Pretend that as I lay back, that my friends don’t leave.

Pretend that as I ignore the reality around, that I will not be left alone in this forever dark town.


.Now here I am, all alone.

Will this feeling sink in and send me tumbling into the deep?

Just maybe, it will help me find some motivation to keep.



Now you know my thoughts, and maybe you’re just like me!

If you’re like me I just want you to know that you’re not the only one out there who’s struggling.

It might seem hard at time but, if you stick it out till the end I’m sure there will be some sort of rewarding experience at the end. In particular, even if you don’t have motivation but you want to just choose something to try to achieve. Anything! Something tiny, to something that seems ridiculous. Just start off by making an attempt to do something, and eventually you’ll be lead along to find something that will give you motivation. (It might take a long time tho X_x)



I’m aware that my writing isn’t the most amazing, but I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. pinkmilkcarton

    What a relatable poem! Hope you’ll find that motivation you need! (I have no motivation to do my work now. :P)

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