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By @C-Rile


Once there were 4 preteens. Judah, Clarisse (called Claire), Katie, and Haygan. (In Claire’s opinion Haygan was an idiot.) Anyways, these 4 were going on a camping trip up in Canada. They had already packed and said goodbye to their parents. They walked to the airport since it was right by their houses and they could use the exercise. They had a private jet! On their way, the mean girl Mooska showed up. “And where do you think you’re going?” She asked. “We’re going camping in Canada.” Said Judah. “You can’t come!” Katie yelled. “Yeah!” said Haygan, backing up Katie. “Guys, be nice,” Claire said. “Relax, I don’t want to go with you morons anyways.” Mooska said. “I just wanted to tell you goodbye. Forever…..” She threw her head back and cackled evilly while she stalked away. “Oh um….. Ok?” Claire responded. “Well, that was weird,” Judah commented.

    Mooska walked away smiling. What the preteens didn’t know was that Mooska was going to try to wreck their private jet and if that didn’t work then she was going to push them off the cliff! Mooska was taken over by the evil spirits of the doll ANNABELLE!!!! No longer was she an innocent preteen but a lifesize DOLL!! 

    Mooska tried her best to wreck the private jet but failed each time. On her 6th try, she flew too close to the mountain and the four stepped right out onto the peak! “Oh no!” Cried, Claire. “Now we need to walk all the way back down to our cabin.” “It’s ok,” Haygan said. “It wasn’t your fault.” He walked over and hugged her. “Ok, then we better get going before it gets too dark.” She said blushing and pulling away from Haygan. “Ok.” Replied the other 3 up for the challenge not seeing Claire’s blush. They got about halfway down the mountain when it became dark. 

    “Looks like we’re going to have to camp here for tonight,” Claire commented. “Yes!” Exclaimed both Katie and Haygan. That night they were all sitting around the campfire telling jokes when Haygan said, “I gotta go to the bathroom.” “Ok.” The rest of them replied. Haygan made his way away from the camp and did his business. Unaware of the dark figure watching him from the shadows. When he finished he was about to walk back to camp when he felt a slight push from behind. He wasn’t worried though, because he thought that it was just the wind. However, he was standing so close to the cliff that he fell. Down, down, down, 20,000 feet! As he fell he let out a shrill scream. “HELP ME!!!!!” That was all he said as he tumbled down the dark abyss. The scream reached the three still at the campsite. “Was that Haygan?!” Claire half-screamed half-asked. “You guys stay here and I’ll go check it out.” Said Judah. “Ok.” Replied Katie. 5 minutes later Judah returned with a pale face. “H-H-Haygan is d-dead a–…” He never got to finish his sentence because at that moment Mooska stabbed him in the back.

  “Mooska! I should’ve known!” Claire shouted. “Haha yes, it was me.” Mooska laughed. “How could you!” Katie screamed. “Because I can. I don’t even feel bad about it.” “I’ll kill you for that,” Claire responded with her voice full of hatred. “Oh, will you now? Good luck with that. Anyways, we will have a battle in the morning.” “Two against one? That’s hardly fair.” Katie said. “Would you rather I just kill one of you right now? Then it would be even.” “No! I was just commenting.” Katie shouted back. “Good.” “How do we know that you won’t just try to kill us in our sleep?” Claire asked warily. “I promise that I won’t try to kill you while you’re asleep. Oh yeah. And don’t even try to call the authorities.” “Fine, we won’t.” “Good. Night.” 

  The next day when they woke up they got ready for the battle. “You ready yet?” Mooska asked. “Bring it on!” Katie yelled. Mooska laughed evilly then pulled out a gun and shot Claire in the arm and Katie in the leg. “AHHHHHH!!!!!!” Screamed Katie. “Claire got tears in her eyes but she kept going. She wrestled the gun out of Mooska’s hands while Katie snuck up behind her. Then Katie yelled out in a foreign language: “Imyuka mibi yagiye kandi ntuzagaruke! The evil spirits left.

Mooska looked up with tears in her eyes. “I’m so sorry for the trouble that I’ve caused.” “It’s ok. It’s over now.”

When the three of them got back home they dropped off Mooska and then Katie came over to Claire’s house. “You liked him didn’t you?” “Who?” “Don’t do that you know who. Haygan.” “Yes,” Claire whispered back. “It’s gonna be alright Claire just wait and see.” She nodded. Just then she got a text. It was from Judah. “What the?” Claire exclaimed. “What is it?” Katie asked. “Oh, nothing,” Claire said. But it wasn’t nothing. She just didn’t want to give Katie false information. Haygan was supposed to be dead. Buuuuuuuut, That is probably another story. Or is it?…… 😉


The End!

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