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By @Nocturne

A part of me

It was harmless, how it all started.

Funny, all it took was

talking and laughing,

spending most of my thoughts on you,

awkward passive-aggressiveness,

even flirting sometimes,

luring you into my chaos

of obsession, shambles, capitalized letters, modern mumbo jumbo.

A part of you is in me

and you know you have a part of me

when you left without a trace.

Most of the time I blame it on myself

not you or the others before you that left

the same exact way

and yet there’s me, knowing full well

all of you share the blame.

sometimes I stumble upon

the familiar notes,

a place I’ve never been to,

jokes similar to yours,

a mutual friend with more dreams than brains,

the ads of that one TV show,

the song I listened to when I drove home from school at night,

That all carry the thought of you

nostalgic, bittersweet, shamefaced…

feigned indifference.

To this day I may never know what really happened,

But though it felt like a waste,

I had the pleasant opportunity of knowing you.

Thank you for being a part of me.

I hope you thank me

for being a part of you.

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