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By @Marcia


The girl wandered in the forest without knowing her destination. It was cold and dark. Mist swirled around her, sometimes making her trip in the dead tree branches. All she heard was her footsteps and her heavy breath. The girl was confused and did not know why she was in such a strange place. Fear started to penetrate inside her body and into the bones. All of a sudden she heard a loud scream coming from about ten meters in front of her. It sounded like a boy in an excruciating pain. She stopped, uncertain of what to do next. Run in the direction of the scream or go back through the path she had just come from? She decided to investigate further because she thought that at least finding a human being in this forest would be good enough no matter who he was.

She reached closer to where the scream had come from and saw a boy about five years older than her and, as far as she could see, wearing just a pair of jeans. As she approached the boy lying on the ground she saw the reason of the terrible scream: he had a silver arrow crossing his left arm. Quickly she understood that he wasn’t dead by mere luck. A few more centimetres and his heart would have stopped beating immediately after the hit. She hurried to the boy and looked for any other injuries but the arm was the only part of his body that was injured. Then the boy looked at her.

-You?!… How could it be?… No. That’s impossible…

And then he fainted.


(This is the result of a sudden inspiration. Any sugestions, please comment ?

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