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Mismatched thoughts of a messed up brain

By @Bookaholic

A not-so Happy Birthday! And the events that follow

Dear You, (since I couldn’t do e up with a good name for you just yet)

You are honestly the best birthday gift I ever received only on a not so good birthday. I am not saying it was bad. Matter-of-factly it was a great birthday. I had Azy and Ash and their parents make it. And add to it that Shaze was able to make it too! Btw, this was all a surprise for me. I was enthralled.

But the events following these surprises are what changed my life forever. I mean, I still do t know how things will end, the rock is still moving down the cliff. Will it destroy? Will it stop? Will it get out of the way? We don’t know. I don’t know.

Only if I didn’t break my parent’s trust. Only if I didn’t bother to ask for her sake, what he thought of her. Only if She didn’t leave her phone behind. Only if Id didn’t sneak the thing under my covers that night. Only if I got straight out of bed without checking the thing.

But honestly telling I don’t regret doing it. Only I wish I could have put an end to it before things got out of hand.

Before I put my foot in, I did contemplate on the risk I was taking. It did make me slightly scared. I did know what would happen. But I still room the risk. Why? Umm, I do have a pretty good reason for that.

Oh, you know, I realized that I find it easier to talk when I text, and also, phone calls make me more nervous than an actual conversation. That being said, let’s move on!

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