By @Agnik_Biswas

A poem of the common topic of heartbreak and fall of trust but presented in a very different way. For the events are narrated through metaphors.The metaphors -The narrator says he is on a cliff from which the only escape to life's battlefield(the narrator's normal life is also full of misery)is a broken bridge.Between is a creek which signifies society as they always find your defects.The narrator trusts the bridge immensely for he is mesmerised.But soon he gets his inevitable fall to the creek.

Chapter 1

I opened my eyes

When thunders flashed the skies.

The darkness had suffused

When I was battered

A ray of hope was flashed

To leave me flattered.

Around the cliff

I saw a creek ran along

It’s inhabitants ready to find a wrong

Disappointment ran through me

Seeing the throng.

In the distant point

I decided myself to appoint.

Through a shaggy bridge

To life’s battlefield.

The bridge was clearly discomposed

But still reliability choose this broken bridge

For to my eyes it looked rigid.

I never knew

How I was flung across .

To stop I tried my best

But my efforts were a waste.

Though my mesmerised eyes found it rigid

They hadn’t checked the rope.

Even then I didn’t loose my hope

For I was blind in trust like the pope.

At last as I couldn’t stop

I made my hop.

The last moment deceived

I understood I was a peeve.

I had nothing to do

But drop in the hands of the avenue.

Then what happens I don’t need to say

When within the hands of society I lay.

My soul dipped in despair’s bay

I never had something further to convey.

These aren’t mere memories

Ain’t just happenings.

They are emotions

In disguise of metaphors.

Whom these metaphors refer

It need not be told

For in this world I prefer

To keep the fold.

By-Agnik Biswas(Ignite)

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