By @LinneaG

Chapter 1


I was sitting outside the railing of my tiny balcony. Admiring and listening to the rain. From inside I heard the noises of glass shattering. Footsteps followed, as my apartment had just been broken into. The footsteps made their way to the glass door. “Donovan”, I thought. “I knew you would come”, I said with a voice that broke trough the heavy rain. I got up, made a swift jump over the railing, but was taken aback. The eyes that met mine weren’t Donovan’s. I kept my cool, and formed a soft smile. “You did?” the intruder said after a long second. He was surprised. “Well, of course. I sure hope you haven’t underestimated me, sweetie”, midway in my sentence moonlight reflected of a blade.A blade only half hidden behind his back. He was getting nervous. The blade shivered. “But… you’re not going to hurt me”, the man was stunned, muted. I starting making my way around him. I walked trough the glass door, into my living room. Trough my living room,to the power switch. “Do you know why?” I asked, my voice low. The man stepped inside. He closed the door. Covered the windows with my curtains. He had worked up a courage. “You are not going to hurt me because YOU are blind, and I’M not”, for a split second his confused look filled the room. A click. Total darkness. He had been so smart, didn’t want anyone to witness his sins. He had been so stupid, too, thinking he could kill me. The darkness remained, for him at least. My night vision was kicking in. My hearing was kicking in. My sense of smell was kicking in. My blood-thirst was kicking in.

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  1. JEDA01

    Oooh! Intriguing first chapter! You paint a good picture in my mind. You might want to make new paragraphs with each new speaker, though. At some points, I got confused on who was speaking.

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