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By @Yoda-Parker

A beginning is impossible to describe a friend.

It seems there’s no place to start, no place to end.

So, this is the best thing, sorry it blows.

But I wrote the poem anyway, here goes.

Too many conversations of food.

You’re my sister, I’m that close to you.

Brussel sprouts, brothers, a dash of pancakes.

Our shallow-deep conversations can really make quakes.

I hope we never let each other go,

Even as we roam from home.

Real good friends like you are few,

Sissy Sum, I love you.

A long chat filled with laughter.

Even now, our friendship blossoms faster.

You’re a revolutionary, full of boldness.

Haha, hehe, hoohoo, hard to hold this.

I love to share stuff with you, including this song.

If there’s one thing I know, our friendship will be real long.

I know we have a friendship, our bond is tight.

But I’ve got to tell you one thing, don’t stay up so late at night!

You’re an eagle, with mighty wings.

When your voice is heard, everyone sings.

Golden feathers, and white speckles spread.

One of the only girls with wings above her head.

When writing our stories, I’d be lost without you.

We may not talk much, but our friendship is true.

When you mention lemons and catnip I always chuckles.

If you’re on a ride with The Cat, don’t forget to buckle.

Rarely hurt, you bleed black ink.

You strike up poems that make everyone think.

Without us knowing, you lead our pack.

No matter what happens, the Wolf has your back.

He’s strong and mighty, head of the fight.

He may back down in peace, but never in fright.

He’s caring, and funny, and sometimes too clever.

Wolf lead his pack the wrong way? Never!

Long talks, too many arguments.

My heart is covered in your dog-gone footprints.

Bicker back and forth, then pause for a laugh.

You may think I have no heart, but there’s still half.

You’re a brother to me, and, oh, what a bother!

But we share the same blood and love, just different fathers.

My coyote dear, you have no good taste in chocolate.

But through battling turmoil, we’re in the same cockpit.

An unknown name, a woman of mystery.

You’ve got so much class, you’re right out of history.

Knife throwing, Doctor Who, you’re an odd individual.

But your personality’s so big it can’t fit in peripheral.

We all freaked out when you decided to join us.

You’re that nostalgic veteran, with a touch of rust.

Hope you know these things are meant in a nice way.

Because we know you’re more experienced at the end of the day.

Though we’ve never met, not spoken a word,

I feel as though I’m not good enough for part of your world.

Everybody knows you, except for me.

I can’t help but picture you too darn pretty.

Your wings and halo are just part of your beauty.

I betcha everyone knows you’re a darling cutie.

The love for you will always remain.

You’ve left your mark, like a mustard stain.

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