By @Krystal_Daniles


By @Krystal_Daniles

Just a piece of poetry I wrote a long time ago.

Chapter 1

You’re blind.

You’re blind to what we see.

Deaf to what we hear.

What we speak.

Many have tried to heal you.

Many have failed.

So, like them you give up hope.

Hope that you’ll see what we see

Hear what we hear.

So, I try

Try different methods of healing.

Different doctors

Different pills

Pills don’t work

Doctors don’t work.

So, we talk

With talking you can smile more.

Hear me a little better

Hide you from the negative and slowly

You’re wounds heal.

Slowly, day by day.

You can see yourself like I do.

And hear the words I love you.

Just like I intended you to.



Into Thin Air

How is it this keeps happening?

How do I keep                                                                   Hurting



No matter their status.

They always leave me with wounds.

Why does this always happen to                                  People

that I love?


What’s the symptoms?

Which doctor can cure this disease?

What’s the                                                                         Cause

of this illness?


How is it my family always gets infected?

How does my friends get infected?

How is it that they always leave?

What happens to                                                            Them?


What happens in their mind?

Is there a chemical that causes them to leave?

Is it because of me?

How is it this always happens                                       To

the people I love?


What causes them to vanish?

Does someone kidnap them?

Or do they just decided to                                             Leave

me open and wounded?

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  1. Budding_Novelist

    This is very moving.

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