By @stardustsilver

One year ago, everything was different. The Union was at war, but everything, everything was different. Now, there was one more spy, one more vigilante group. Much can change in one year.

Chapter 1


One year ago, if you told Aric Zhou that he would be a spy in the ranks of the Union, a key player in the War, searching for an opening to defeat the Commander, he would have rolled his eyes, beat you up, and left you on the streets to rot.

One year ago, if you told Cadence Stark that she would be leading a vigilante group dubbed the Evergreen, aiding the Rose and the Laurels in an attempt to get rid of the government, she would have backed away and employed the “smile-and-nod” method.

Much can change in one year. For example, Dustin Johnson is now a firm supporter of the Commander. Saffron Park is currently being held in prison. Procyon Rodriguez is on the run and in hiding.

You never know.

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