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MARVEL’S WHAT IF… Zombies part 2 story re-written

By @IanWR8CC


When T’Challa returns, he is confounded about how the zombies entered the force field and are wreaking havoc on his palace. Rocks, trees, bodies, and gravel flew everywhere. Thanos used the power stone to shoot energy lasers to the buildings.


He hears Scott over coms,” Hey get me outta here.”


“Where are you?” asks T’Challa


“Floating on level 35.”


T’Challa flies near the mountain where Scott thankfully left the premises before being eaten. Scott swooshes inside the plane.

Spiderman opens a door to an upper level, to jumpstart a wall crawl in order to obtain a perched eagle’s eye view. At the scene, he saw Thanos was infected. Thanos uses the reality stone for a hallucinogenic projection of himself pre bitten. He does so to trick Peter into conversing with him. 


Thanos tells Spiderman, “All I need is the mind stone and it’s in Wakanda somewhere.”


Peter laughs, saying that, “This is my only chance at saving all these people. It would mean using the mind stone. I can’t just give it up, especially since you are not even a real person.”


Spiderman webs at a tall tree swinging with feet to kick Thanos below his midsection. The purple skull giant grabs Parker by the throat, choking him. His raw strength smashes him in the dirt. Peter suffocated and felt tenuous with his efforts to release himself. Peter turned his head, watching Thanos’ hallucination warp back into a brain-eating musculature. Zombies dragged themselves towards him. Thanos easily turned the tide against Spiderman. Thanos notices the levitating Scott, and Black Panther manual steering the aircraft. Thanos raises his hands and uses the time stone to freeze time. Or at least he tried to, but before he could T’Challa discharges his vibranium gauntlets and is assisted with the Cloak of levitation. He wrestles Thanos’ neck in an attempt to snap it. T’Challa, and the cloaks both use all their vigor to break Thanos’ cerebral vertebrae. The nerves of his spinal cord take on damage. The cerebral vertebrae loses alignment, or you can have a break that causes the bone to go through his skin. These bones are: the axis C1, the styloid process, the axis C2, the Stylomandibular ligament and the C3 vertebrae. ultimately ultimately it’s these bones’ fracture that ceases Thanos’ life. 


As Thanos’ body falls, all is in disbelief and silent. All but T’Challa whispering: “Wakanda forever.” T’Challa feels lactic acid cleanse his body as he becomes overridden with exhaustion. All around him bodies fall as the cure starts to spread. Those once bitten, now forever in the the ascendance of heaven or the ancestral plane.

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