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MARVEL’S WHAT IF… Zombies part 2 story re-written

By @IanWR8CC


Returning to his ship, he navigates to Camp Lehigh. The ship levitates just above the city. Out rains supreme, the Titan. He lands capturing one knee bent on the floor and the other up high. He could feel the Mind stone trace was here, but nothing was in sight. All was uninhabited and noise was barely perceptible. 

Thanos laughed, unperturbed, “Come out, Your savior is here. Do not hide in the shadows!” 

Thanos and the power stone smash through Camp Lehigh’s barriers. He continued to walks in the streets. A far in the distance, something peculiar catches his eyeshot. There were what seemed like people. Thanos uses the space stone to get a closer look, walking cautiously towards the people. He realized these people were not what they seem. The zombies started attacking him. The repetitious tries at closing their teeth and gingiva on his skin. He gushes with the power stones releasing energy blasts. He takes out acre by acre, the army of the undead. With the time stone he dices up zombie heads, using the green spell circles as frisbees. Green circles slice up the necks of dozens. With the reality stone, he sends the earth’s level crack inward, dripping the dead under the darkness below. Reality once again is altered to form a rock boulder staircase down to the ground. He re-configures the ground back to a structure with standability. He finds a decimated Zombie-Hulk running towards him. Thanos throws 7 stomach jabs and an uppercut right below the chin. He finishes the sparring match as he did before on The Statesman spacecraft in Infinity War. He swoops Hulk’s body up and plunges it to the floor. He sees a furious pale Wanda Maximoff. They exchange energy blasts, floating earth cement and boulder stones. Zombie Wanda wraps her red energy onto Thanos like a burrito. She mounds rock on top of Thanos as he orders his ship, “Rain fire.”

The Sanctuary II fires down blue beams at Wanda on planet Earth. Scarlet Witch pulls him closer to her. Thanos aches in pain as she chomps down at his arm. She takes a full extensor digitorum chunk and pieces on the delts. One claw slash just below the right shoulder. When she finishes her feast, the Mad Titan once known as Thanos is now a yellow eyed, lipless, corpse. The corpse stands, looking down at Wanda feasting on his left arm. He uses the reality stone to plush her into red water. His aggression is still active. 

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