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By @bernardtisman

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Chapter 1

One of the residents in Goodboys Lodge decided to vacuum clean his flat. The cleanup was successfully done, but the machine needed emptying because it was very full. The machine was opened up and, ‘what a mess he created, all fluff over his trousers, shirt, carpet and floor. The rubbish, at least some of it was picked up and binned, but, ‘as the man tried to re – assemble the vacuum cleaner he ran into difficulties and went off like a madman, screaming, shouting and raving. The hullabaloo brought one of the support staff running up to see what it was all about. A ring was heard on the door and the scheme manager appeared.

“Hey you, stop that at once, you’re disturbing all the other residents. Any more of that and I’ll chuck you out of this flat and get the police to commit you to Bad Dog Hospital where they’ll detain you for the rest of your life”.

The vacuum cleaner was re- assembled and the support worker said’ “I’ll let you off this time but next time I’ll expel you from Goodboys Lodge and get you committed to the mind hospital in Rotten Egg Lane.

Goodboys Lodge is a support home that deals with mental health and older people. It has 24 flats, two with hole in the ground baths to prevent people from falling out of the bath as well as a shower above the toilet so people can have a bath whilst sitting on the toilet.

The communal lounge downstairs has a toilet to sit on whilst people are watching television so if they’re caught short this will save them having to get up from their seats.

The television has a built in drinks unit so residents can draw orange juice and other drinks straight out of the television set.

Every Friday there is a fish and chip meal served in a chamber pot and eaten on star shaped plates.

Now it’s back to the man who went off his rocker.

Bernard Inkman was prone to temper outbursts because of his autistic state. This could lead to complaints from staff and residents alike and result in the man being evicted from his support house for good. Not only that, he could end up in an institution where other people could ram pokers into his chest and pour milk down his ears.

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