By @wolf13


By @wolf13

Evelyn Harrow is a sixteen-year-old cyborg. She had a chip implanted into her head by a team of scientists when she was twelve, and she hasn't been the same since.

Chapter 1

The Punch

Crack! My knuckles hit home on Mariah’s jaw. She gives a sharp cry of surprise, clutching her face as she doubles over in pain. Her mouth drips crimson as she spits out two of her once-perfect teeth. She screams something at me, probably something profane, but I can’t hear her over the static in my head. I walk proudly away from her for as far as I can stand- oh good, there’s a building here where I can curl up and die. It’s perfect because it’s out of sight of the street and- most importantly- I’ll be hidden from Mariah.

The pain in my head has become excruciating. I wish I could rip this stupid chip out of my cranium, but I can’t. Although the scientists who put it in there programmed tons of talents into me, the didn’t take away may annoying ability to feel pain- or guilt, which are the same in my book. Anytime I feel strong guilt, the chip senses it and sends a light buzz into my brain. The level of pain that I’m currently in means that I must be feeling overwhelming guilt, but the pain takes precedence.

I stumble the last few feet to the door and fall against it. It pops open with a soft click, and I sprawl face-first into a thick, plushy carpet. I crawl far enough in that the door can close behind me, then I promptly pass out.

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