Loving Rolling Stone, Loving Sunshine

By @TwiddlingFingers

Loving Rolling Stone, Loving Sunshine

By @TwiddlingFingers

He was a rolling stone and not an angel. Sunshine was his angel. His happiness in the darkness. His everything. After a change of dramatic events, Sunshine can only turn to her dreams, and Reaper for help to understand. After all, digging a little deeper never hurt anyone. Right? ~3 parts, 1 ending~

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Manners

Sunshine’s Pov:

My parents stopped questioning my loud music after I turned 13. I told them blasting my music helped me sleep. Dirty money by Weathers was blasting as I waited for Rolling Stone to come. 

Rolling Stone wasn’t an actual rolling stone, he was a normal teenager. I call him Rolling Stone, he calls me Sunshine. Those are our nicknames. He never learned my real name and I refuse to tell him what it is; when we first met I said for him to call me whatever he wanted, Sunshine just stuck around because he claimed I was the sunshine to his nighttime. Cheesy. 

I was putting on my green varsity jacket and combat boots when I heard noises of someone climbing up the fire escape outside my window (my family lived in the city and we lived in an apartment complex). I was standing a good 5 feet away from my window. I walked over cautiously. I don’t know why. Everything from the marrow in my bones to my hairs standing up on my neck knew what the noise was. Yet, mother always said looks are deceiving. I hadn’t even opened up my window when pic-a-boo a face popped out in front of my window. My gut was right, Rolling Stone it was. His deep breathing was causing fog to clog onto the window. He must’ve climbed up hastily. Crazy boy.

I haven’t opened the latch to the window yet. The window glass kept us away. I squatted down on my knees and I was faced with him. I took in his features a bit. He tilted his head to the side. He was also examining me. I tapped the window glass a bit. He didn’t do much, only put his hand, fingers spread on the window. I did the same thing in the same place. If only the window glass wasn’t blocking our hands’ urge to touch. 

I shook that thought away and pulled my hand away. He bit down on his lip, harshly. I unlocked my window and pushed it up. I was hit with the smell of the aftermath rain and moist cold air. I admired the rain. The aftermath was the best part. The way the small droplets of water were like magnifying glass, zooming on small parts of an object. Masterpiece. 

“Admiring I see?” Rolling Stone said, breaking me out of my trance of the fresh night air. I rolled my eyes a bit. He had a small smile and an amused look on his face.

“It’s a beautiful sight,” I gave him a side glance with a tranquil voice. 

“Just like my sunshine,” Rolling Stone whispered.

“What?” I raised my eyebrow. 

“What?” He looked at me, he too looked confused. I honestly couldn’t tell whether he was acting or not. I did hear what he said. He meant nothing to it. I learned that people talk too much and say things they don’t mean. I won’t lie to you, Rolling Stone did say things that he meant. This time though, and all the other times he complimented me, I knew he only said it because he wanted me to understand. He wanted me to understand him. Truth was, I understood him like no one else. 

I doubt that nowadays. Things aren’t what they used to be. Time equals change, change also means patience. Patience to give what your heart needs to understand.

I know there’s no forever. Only between hello and goodbye. Except with Rolling Stone, my first words were “You’re welcome.” How we met wasn’t your average shy girl, cool guy love cliche. Nonono. 


We were in the homeroom,assigned seats. Never spoke a word to this guy in front of me. He always wore his hood on and looked down at his phone. I always had my headphones in but I wasn’t listening to music. I observed patterns in human behavior. And every other day, a girl from our homeroom sitting across from me and this dude; would put lipstick on her lips and pucker them. She would then come over to the dude and flirt with him. He never gave in. In all honesty, he looked annoyed. He would always give quick glances and respond uninterested.

The same ritual went down, only this time the girl had sat on my desk and tapped his shoulder. He looked up and turned around. She put on a phony smile. I pushed her off my desk with daggers in my eyes. She looked at me with an annoyed ****** look. You know, those glasses you get when you talk bad about someone everybody worships? 

The same old routine went down, but this girl just didn’t understand the hints he wanted to be left alone. I was thinking that she was hoping that he would just give in. 

I put some gum in my mouth as I purposely chewed loudly. I made sure the noise of the squishy moist gum being chewed in between my mouth was irritable. 

“Would you quit that?!” The girl asked me, her eyes were narrowed a bit. 


I popped a bubble, “When you leave I will,” I smiled. My lips twitched up amusingly. It’s fun how her lips turned pouty and her eyes narrowed with her arms across her chest.

“Why should I do what you want?” The girl practically sneered at me. I rolled my eyes at her. 

“Why should I have to listen to you waste your breath on a guy who clearly is tired of you and clown friends thinking something could happen?” 

It wasn’t even a good insult, but the girl scoffed and walked away. I turned to look at the guy, he went back to staring at his phone.

I leaned over my desk and pulled off his hoodie. He turned around, annoyed and ******. “You’re welcome,” I rolled my eyes at him. I bet this guy thought he was entitled and didn’t need to thank anybody for anything.


Boy, was I wrong. 

This guy put his hoodie back up and growled a bit. “Why did you do that?” 

“Because,” I answered, “You didn’t thank me.” 

“Is it really needed?” He asked. 

“I mean you always hate it when girls talk to you, or anybody for that matter.” I said matter of factly. I could see it in his eyes. He seemed taken aback that I noticed that. 

“Wh-what’s your name?” He asked me. 

“Call me whatever you want,” I smiled a bit.

And the rest is history.

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