Hello, Brokenheart

By @a_magey
Hello, Brokenheart

Camari Ross, a young girl who's trying her hardest to get out of Ridge-Wood, soon finds herself fighting against all odds to not allow her heart to the teen juvenile, Byron Alder. Will Camari, or Pocket-Size be able to change the Loverboy for good?

Chapter 1

Prologue: "I'm A Ross.."

High school.

A literal prison to some, and the best thing in the world to others- I just so happen to be in neither of those categories. I don’t hate school, but I don’t love it either so… We’ll leave it at it’s like-able. It’s the first day back after Fall break, and honestly, I feel like this whole school year is going to be… Weird. Good, but weird.

“Cam! Come on, am I dropping you off or what!” My mother shouted, as I looked up from the small, yet legible writing in the little journal I kept.

“Coming, mom!” I shouted back, closing the small booklet and placing it back between my bedpost and wall; grabbing my backpack from the back of my wheelie-chair and throwing it over my shoulder. My thick leather combat boots slammed against the hardwood flooring as I made my way down the small stairs, my mother appearing from the kitchen and by the front door as she sent me a large grin.

“Let’s go, I gotta get to the station to look over something’s.” She ushered me out the door, as she followed behind me and slammed the door shut. We climbed into the small cruise car and started towards the school, my stomach in small knots already.

“Okay, kid, what’s up? You’re usually ecstatic to go to school.” My mom frowned as she kept her dark brown eyes trained onto the road slick with fresh morning dew, my own bright green eyes drifted towards the forest that surrounded our small town, Ridge-Wood, Maine.

“I don’t know… I just… I have this bad, but good feeling about this new semester, y’know?” I muttered, as I glanced over to see her eyes giving me her terrifying, and infamous side-glance. Sighing heavily, she turned into our usual parking space at the school; I hadn’t even realize we were already here…

“I get it.. I really, truly do, but you gotta go no matter the feeling, okay?” She tried to send me a sympathetic smile, as I knitted my neat brows together before sighing and nodding.

“Yea.. Yea, okay..” I sighed, as my bright green eyes drifted towards the large school as I slightly chewed on my full, rosy bottom lip. “I mean, besides…” I began, my lips pulling into a lop-sided grin, “If anything goes wrong, I’ve got Karen and Jarsen..” I turned back towards my mom, who was looking down at her phone, a large frown playing on her own lips.

My own grin turned into a deepening frown. I hated seeing my mother like this… Her job always seemed to be on her back, and breathing down her neck while she tried to catch the bad people that hid among us in our small, usually quiet town.

“Right, well, go get ’em tiger.” She murmured, before turning off her phone and reaching over, taking my frigid hand in her own. “‘Cause you’re a Ross, and ain’t nobody gonna treat you with disrespect, or rudely, or anything like that.” She smirked, as I chuckled and nodded before throwing open the passenger side door and climbing out. Just as the door slammed shut, my mother was already peeling out of the parking lot.

“Right… I’m a Ross..” I whispered, hoping to boost my own self-confidence, yet I only felt a frown play onto my lips as I sighed and began to trek towards the large building; my heart aching, while my head was spinning.


I could feel the burning sensation from the cool winds inside my chest, as the leather jacket wrapped around my arms and upper body clinging tightly to me as I pumped my arms by my sides while my backpack slammed against my back muscles.

“******, ******, ******,” I heaved as my darkened hazel eyes darted to my hands that was still littered with the oils from trying to change the oils in my ’69 gloss black Mustang, as I tried to wipe it off with my tattered, maroon rag as the school came into my view. Man.. Dad’s gonna kill me if he gets another phone call from the school.. I groaned, while quickly speeding up as I pumped my arms harder.

Suddenly, an head-splitting, and chest tightening ringing came from the shutting metal doors as my eyes grew ten times wider before I began to run faster. My boots slamming against the concrete as I skipped up the steps and threw open the metal door.

My leather boots screeched against the black and white tiles, as I continued to run until I reached my first hour class and just as I was about to pull open the overweight wooden door but that’s when- “Ah, Mr. Alder.” A high-pitched, yet boss like voice chimed as I stopped and turned to look and see, Ms. Ruin.

“Oh, hey there, Ms. Ruin..” I laughed, trying to brush away the shock that grew on my face as she arched a brow at me before walking towards me. The clicking of her dark red heels buried itself deep into my head, as I rolled my eyes and sighed before allowing the door to fall close with a small slam. “I see, you’re late again.. What’s the excuse this time?” She frowned, as I stuffed my hands into my jeans’ pockets while my lips pulled into a smirk.

“I mean, couldn’t leave that girl alone when I got her to her high point, right?” I gave a humorless laugh, as my eyes flickered back to her face, only to see her lips pursed and eyes glaring.

“Are you trying to get detention? Or expelled?” She bit back, as she took a step closer as I stood my ground with a smirk.

“I don’t know.. Maybe?” I grinned, as she sighed from her nose and flickered her eyes down to her large watch, before tapping it and arching a brow. “You’re lucky I’m not in the mood to put you in morning detention, so get to class-” She started, and turned on her heels and began to walk away while swaying her hips slightly, my eyes gently following the pattern. “Oh, and Mr. Alder, don’t make it a habit to be late.” She smoothly said before continuing down the hallway.

“Yea, sorry about that…” I mumbled, only to turn back towards the door and smirk some, “along with your failing marriage.” I snickered to myself as I opened the door and entered the classroom. Of course, all heads turned towards me as Mr. Richards frowned, and turned back towards the board. I sent a playful wink and smirk towards the girls’ that continued to stare at me, as I made my way towards Steven and Quentin.

“Bro, I thought you were about to get lucky with our principal.” Steven mocked, as his hand slammed its’ way into mine for our handshake. I did the same to Quentin as I laughed, and threw my bag down next to my desk, as they both suddenly began to murmur.

“What?” I asked, furrowing my brows as Quentin nodded his head towards a girl who sat, what? Three, or four seats ahead of me. Her dark hair shining in the soft light from the classroom, as I arched my brow and Quentin lowered his voice, “bro, that’s the Sheriffs’ kid! I hear that she’s a total babe, though.” He snickered, as I nodded- I knew what they planned… And honestly, for once, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

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