Love in the Stars

By @lara3

Chapter 1


She stood there on the precipice of change, not knowing which path

for her heart to follow. It would be so easy for her to shrink

within herself and go running back to those familiar arms, those

arms that held her close under the cloud of night. Once upon a time

she loved that boy and he loved her back. It was so easy for her to

stare into the abyss of his soul, those bourbon honey eyes held

such promise and hope that she fell like any silly girl would do.

It was natural, as natural as it was to breathe, he was her oxygen

and she was his breath of life and somewhere along the way they

became entwined in an endless spiral of hopelessness and unseen


But a dream was all it had turned out to be, no matter how many

kisses he bestowed gently upon her forehead or the limitless number

of times he whispered into her ear the lingering of broken promises

they all lead up to one final realization, he could never truly be


To love is to give away one’s self completely, no second guessing

or shying away your devotion, you jump head first into the endless

void and trust the other will catch you; but how could he catch her

with one hand lost in the dark, making way to another?

The loss of true love is cruel and unkind, twisted and wrong. It

had left her broken and lost for so long leaving her in a desolate

wasteland shut out in the dark. She was meant to wander for all

eternity searching for a love that would never be, that was his

final gift to her and for a moment he had almost succeeded.

One moment was all it took for her to remember why she had fallen

for love in the first place, the tickling of butterflies that

gathered in her stomach and the subtly soft glow of pink on her

cheeks. Happiness and acceptance was what started it all. It was

the beginning of her story and not the end. One boy would never

define her, no matter how great of a love it had been. She felt

lost for so long searching for the boy who could promise her the

moon and the stars when all she truly wanted was a boy who could

promise to lie down under the murky midnight solitude and watch

them with her hand in hand. Love wasn’t lost; it was hidden away

like the bright freckling of stars that danced in the evening sky.

Love may be blind but it will never leave us, it stays hidden away

in plain sight so that one day we can find it again.

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