Looking Above - Poetic Short Story

By @GhostVenom
Looking Above - Poetic Short Story

Poetic Poetry On Looking Above

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Further Below

On the 103rd floor as I gaze down at the ground below, I think to myself,

“I must go further and beyond”

Some people look up to a tower, and can only feel fear, or random excitement, as for me I see it as a learning experience.

The Willis Tower stands Apr 1,354 ft, in the sky towering over the city above .

“The area we all know and love”.

“The streets of Chicago”

Looking out of the window seeing the view of the lake, and the outskirts of the that are hard to spot from ground level, I can feel as if the world is in my hands and anything is possible.

From this distance, the people are mere ants, while the cars, looks as if small dots scurrying around, the building strike me as blocks stacked on top of each other and stacked side by side.

My brain clicks and I think “It is possible to change life, to do things one man can’t normally do, to change the very existence of life it self is indeed possible”.

Looking at the view from this distance, I look down and only dream of a life I can make from, to living in the buildings or simply controlling them, to know what must be done, or to do something completely wrong.

Many ideas pop in my brain and when the memories and flashes fade,

One word comes out of my mouth.


You may ask what is the meaning of it ? Well destiny is, events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

Or in more formal words “Faith, believe, desire, fortune, future, and even Doom”.

By saying one word many can come from it, and tell something different but similar,

The place where my mind was released, the thoughts wandered, was on top of the Willis tower, where the view is beautiful, the sight is astounding, the mind is clear, and a possible destiny awaits.

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