Candyheart Album

By @MissPigeonMaster
Candyheart Album

A collection of original songs I've written over the years and smushed into an album. (pretty much I made a story out of this) Bittersweet is a teenager and she is hanging out with her friends...when they dare her and her closest friend to go into the old nursery that is supposedly haunted... They go inside and come back out into the same world... but it's different. This is their story, and I'm thinking of making it a story/script. SONGWRITERS UNITE.

Chapter 1

do you want this????

so… I’ve been a little hesitant. I’m new to the underlined community and I’ve decided I want to post one of my albums. But…well…. I keep stopping myself. Should I do it??? This album is kinda Melanie Martinez style and it’s titles are all little kid titles, but some are not about little kid stuff…. should I post the album???

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  1. unikyky25

    Yes! Don’t be unsure of yourself!
    Every writer and every story (within reason :P) is welcome here!

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